Fenris Balewolfe

Knight. Champion. Protector. Cursed.


“If I kill you, you’ll be awake, you’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed.”

Fenris is a tall, lean man of approximately four-and-twenty years. His long and ragged grey-blond hair is tied back to reveal a handsome-but-serious countenance with keen-but-unusual greenish-yellow eyes. A shaggy and untidy beard of the same colour hair as on his head falls to his chest, and frames an honest face. He’s adorned in an aged but well-kept suit of half-plate armour beneath a stained Balewolfe family tabard, which features the family crest – a pack of wolves howling at a crescent moon before a thicket of naked, black trees. Slung over his shoulder is a steel shield and at his hip hangs the Balewolfe ancestral sword, Maugrim.

Fenris is almost always accompanied by his warhorse Luna – a pale-white steed with a ragged, smokey, grey mane and adorned in rough-hewn studded leather armour that shows the wear of combat and long months of travel.



Throughout the Known World there exist small tracts of land and holdings as of yet untouched by the machinations of politicians, wizards and their ilk; quiet, almost ghostly forests and fields, intersected by forgotten streams and brooks that carve their way inland from far away lakes. These are places where centuries-old castles still stand rooted to their ancestral grounds, the majority of them slowly crumbling over the ages under the weight of progress and expansion; where once-proud families cling to bygone glories and the knights of old still stand guard, awaiting the threats that lurk in the encroaching dark.

Balewolfe Keep is one such place. Nestled back in a tangle of naked, black and hoary trees and surrounded on three sides by grey marshes, the dilapidated Keep has housed the Balewolfe family for three centuries. In the early days the Balewolfe family were an honoured and esteemed lot; having fought valiantly in many small wars, their knights were measured noble and skilled defenders of the weak, and champions of justice. Their seal was the grey wolf and they adorned their weapons and armour with images of their house sigil; striking a fearsome image as their Wolfe Guard rode into battle. It is said that Lord Balewolfe would carry the family’s long sword, Maugrim, into battle and that in the din and fury of combat the blade would roar and howl with ferocity as it cut down Lord Balewolfe’s foes.

Nearly one hundred years ago a terrible curse befell the Balewolfe family when Lord Furgon was bewitched by a Fey creature. When the Lord was finally able to break free from the creature’s enchantments the spurned Fey cast a spell on Furgon Balewolfe’s family, dooming them to a life as lycans; twisted abjurations of the creature they revered. The Balewolfe name quickly descended into infamy as the lycan terrors ravaged nearby lands, killing innocent and enemy alike. Further suffering was brought on the family when it was discovered that the lycan affliction managed to pass through the generations, popping up here and there without warning. The family was all but destroyed and the name lost, as members sought solace and refuge under various aliases.

Presently, Fenris Balewolfe has returned to the Keep of his ancestors. Reclaiming the sword Maugrim from the rubble of his family’s once-proud home, Fenris has sworn to cleanse his cursed name and restore honor and glory to his household.

Fenris Balewolfe

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