Wend'l Cross

a slim young man with silver hair. He appears to be followed by motes of amethyst light ...


You call them Faeries. You do not believe in them. Your loss.

Wend’l Cross is a Witchblade. He was touched by the Fey at birth and, even now, continues to experience its effects in myriad ways: his hair is a molten silver at night that changes to a rich auburn during the day. Wend’l has had long-standing relationships with the Fae, including a secretive Dryad but he speaks little of these affairs, only that he returns to visit the Seelie (or Summer) Court as often as he can. He speaks the Sylvan tongue fluently and is well versed in a variety of lore topics in woodcraft, hunting and survival. The source of his power is fey-bestowed: a competent warrior nimble on his feet while wielding a curious collection of Fey-bestowed powers. He occasionally wears a blindfold to cover his milky eyes but fights and acts remarkably well considering his lack of physical sight, lending the mystique that perhaps he can see in entirely different ways altogether.

Wend’l follows the path as laid out by Oberon, the Fey deity of nature, animals and Magic. Wend’l is without sight but he compensates with an almost preternatural sense of tremors, motion and sound.


A growing number of warlocks and witchblades draw their power from the mystical realm of faerie. Fey have always enjoyed a special link to the wild magical energy that suffuses the natural world, and most sages agree that mortals—even the long-lived elves—can’t begin to comprehend the sheer untapped potential that rests within faeriekind. The rare fey that interact with human folk represent only the tip of the iceberg. True fey are more terrible and beautiful than mortal eyes can bear to perceive. Legends of rival courts of fey—one light and one dark—have persisted for ages, though the fey themselves don’t share details. The increase in mortals who wield fey-given power, however, suggests that the realm of faerie might be awakening from a long slumber. Woe to those who underestimate the effect of this development on the mortal realm.

Wend’l is accompanied by his white wolf companion – Whisper.


Wend'l Cross

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