Michel Laflear


International man of mystery, and a lover of life, women, adventure, and sword play. 4e036704e7bdfd9e49cfaf8f2ca16764.jpg


Life is good, that is what my mother and father showed me! How could it not be when you can be anyone when you need to be? It is easy to get what you need to survive when all you have to do is become those who supply it. That being said my father taught me that it is unwise and counterproductive to be greedy or take more than is necessary. People of all races will over look or dismiss small losses perpetrated by my type of guile as confusion or misunderstanding. Take more than is needed or smart and introspection begins, questions are asked and retribution is required. At the same time I also find it personally disdainful to use my skills and talents to take from those who can’t afford it, or hurt those I have no cause to or that have not tried to harm me.

You see people like to listen to me no matter what it is I tell them, so I must be careful to tell them that which makes my desires and theirs seem the most copasetic. That way people do things for me not because I have tricked them or talked them into it, but because they feel that is what is best for them. I do try to make what is best for them, what is best for me so everyone wins.

I must confess this does not always work sometimes people feel used or slighted and I must make myself scarce. This is not really a problem as a new place and a new face will only lead to more attractions and new adventures, so in the end I still win.

Dad also showed me how to use the arcane skills that I inherited from him, and how to hide them. People don’t tend to see or hear what they don’t look for he said, and of course he was right. If you present yourself as one thing, they will very rarely try to find out what you really are because they think they already know. Why would they look to the fingers of the friendly swords man, why would they notice he is not really straitening his jacket, or cuff-link, twisting his mustache, fiddling with his tea? Why would they hear the words he seems to say to another, or under his breath or without moving his lips, or rarely simply in his mind. He is a simple swords man, or peasant, merchant, serving girl, fish monger, squire, minor noble, night watchman! All they know is that after he blew his nose he was far more appealing and easy to talk with, maybe they should even give him some money to help with his cold, or a place to stay till he feels better.

Speaking of swords men I remember this one incredibly charming and suave man that I meet in Flotsam back on Krynn. I think he would make an excellent persona with which to explore with, Michael I think it was, no that’s close but not right. Ah yes of coarse Michel it was, Michel Laflear, wonderful man bit of a swashbuckler and a ladies’ man. I think he will have to be true born there is too much stigma attached to being an outsider, the mark can be handy but it has been some time since I needed it. Yes I think for the time being me and Michel will have a grand time, the friends we will meet the thing we might do! I wonder what mom and Dad would think of me now? If they even knew who I was that is or indeed I knew where what or they are, but such is the way of my life, you never know what you’re going to get.

Michel Laflear

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