Michel Journal Four

Are my new companion’s actively trying to get them selves killed. Running in to a room full of people who are almost guaranteed to be hostile, with no plan and no attempt at stealth or distraction.

I don’t know if it was something I see in them or that once again I can’t in good concence simply leave them to their fate.

After hiding my self from view I hear the words of the arcane from a voice I don’t recognize. I quickly silence the area to put a stop to that. Next to take care of the uneven numbers, I bring a fog into play. it should make escape easier as well. Lastly I wait to ambush any unwary groups of adversaries that leave the area of confusion. None do so I slip out side after Katelina to keep an eye on her. Of course my friends know nothing of what I have done and that suites me just fine but I fear they are starting to see me as a liability.

After they all escape out side Wend’l collapses the exit. We then put distance between our selves and the temple for lack of a better word. When it is deemed safe we make camp for the night and Iosa provides a plentiful meal. Much is discussed that night and I try to ‎set aside any misgivings they may have of me. They all seem bent on going back to confront these sun worshipers. Well that is not high on my list of things to do but I need there help to get back to anywhere but here, so I let them know that my hart is not in their quest but I may be convinced for some monetary reasons. At least this way they won’t really count on me but will not think it strange if I tag along with them till we get some where else.

In the morning during breakfast a strange old woman arrives from nowhere and joins us at our fire. I am almost instantly certain that she is not as she appears and on top of that means us no good. I start to question her to alert the others she is almost hostile when I question her, thankfully Wend’l has seen the problem as well and seems to know far more about what is happening than I do. After an intense interest is shown in Fenris, Wend’l convinces her to leave us. It seems she may be some manifestation of some death goddess of the fey folk. Just what we need more supreme beings that are none to happy with us.

We later find a little used path and follow it to a deep ravine. I think about using my gifts to help us all cross what passes for a bridge but if I do it may reveal to much and will use all of my higher powers for the day. It proves to be a decision I will regret for the remainder of my life. As Katelina is crossing I look away for but a second and then I hear a quick cry and she is gone. I immediately cross back to the others and bestow the spell on them but it is far to little far to late.

I will never be able to erase that cry from my mind.

Michel Journal Four

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